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Ilha Grande

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Ok, got some free internet again! Were in Ouro Preto at the moment, which is a really nice colonial mountain town with some really nice views. Its got a lot of churches which are really ornate, with loads of murals and sculptures inside, and are famous cause they were all done by some guy called Aleijadinho who had no hands and strapped chisels to his stumps. It was pretty impressive stuff. Google him or something. Anyway were staying here a few days cause its nice and not as hot because of the altitude, and also the town is pretty set up for christmas, with loads of decorations. From our hostel you can hear loads of christmas carols comming up from the churches which is pretty cool- so we booked a room here for christmas day as well.
So... the last few days have been pretty cool, we went to Trinidade near Paraty, which was a really nice beach with some awesome waves- I think the doxycycline is making us supersensitive to the sun though, cause we both burned up pretty good, despite being covered in the military sunblock stuff from dad. I got burned feet which have only just got better, so ive been walking on beaches in my walking shoes to keep them covered. bummer. So after Trinidade, we got a ferry to the island of ilha grande (we saw a sea turtle from the ferry as well- second one ive seen in the wild- get in), which is a tropical beachy island where all the brazillians go on holiday.


So it was a bit touristy and expensive- never mind though, we camped and cooked for ourselves so we saved loads of money. The tent was intensely uncomfortable though without a rollmat. Might need to invest in one. But it was cool, because the campsite was run by this family who lived in tents, and we stayed up one night and played ludo with their little boy called vito. So on Ilha Grange we decided to go on our first trek- we had heard of a beach called Lopez Mendez which you can get to by walking, or by getting a boat. The walk takes you through the tropical forests on the island, which are supposed to be the last remnants of the mata atlantica ecosystem or something like that - so that was pretty cool. Except it was hot. So hot in fact that Sadie decided to puke her guts up to avoid using precious energy up on digestion. Digestion sucks anyway. I was a bit worried actually because obviously I thought she was getting sunstroke or something, so wanted to take her back down, but we stayed still for a bit and cooled down and then continued on with it. It was pretty much all uphill which was not nice, but at the top there were some awesome views and the forest was exciting so it was all good.



So after about 2 hours or something we got to the beach and were pretty chuffed- until some guy came up to us and says ┬┤do you want a boat to Lopez Mendez?`. Gutted, we were only like 1/3rd of the way there. So that sucked, except it didnt because we saw a huge crocodile just chilling out on some lake behind the beach.


Which was pretty impressive. Possibly slightly worrying as well- because I heard that saltwater crocodiles arent that friendly. So, being hardcore, we decided to walk the whole way there, which probably took us a total of about 4 hours walking in tropical heat, uphill. Well half uphill and half downhill, but you tend to notice the uphill more. So yeah we got there, the beach was alright- pretty nice- white sands and blue seas and all that, but much more crowded than some of the other beaches wed seen on the trek there- and the waves were a lot rougher. So we got a boat back, cause we were definately not walking all the way back, and then had a swim in the main beach. So that was our stay in Ilha Grande- we got the ferry back- then got a bus to rio- waited 8 hours at the bus station- bought some postcards (I am aware that no one has postcards yet- post offices are very scarce in brazil), then got a 7 hour nightbus to Ouro Preto which was actually a more comfy night sleep than in the tent. The End.

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Watch out for those crocodiles, they don't just go for your nadgers they eat you whole!!!

by alanrowdon

Sadie & James
Hope you have a great Christmas Day enjoy yourselves as you have been, any walking planned today!!?
Dad,Angie & Aaron xxx

by gary h

Merry Christmas to you both.
Hope you have a great day and experience the Brazilian way of celebrating Christmas, however thay do it !
Best wishes Kim and Kristen X

by detroitkim

Where on The Ihla Grande Islands did you spot Crorcs? Im with My class on a trip here. And it would be really Cool to have The chance to spot one.

Best Regards:

by MartinHD99

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