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Puerto Lopez

Humpback whale watching!

Wow, what an amazing day! We headed to Puerto Lopez to see humback whales and boy did we see them. When we arrived at the town we checked in to a hostel which had the best mattress we´d slept on for 7 months and big fluffy pillows that didn´t smell of other peoples sweat (bonus!) and went looking for a good tour to ´Isla de la Plata´ which is where you can see whales and lots of cool birds. We booked with the hostel in the end as it had some really good reviews. We wandered round the town which is quite nice althought the beach is really quite dirty.... i think its because theres so many fishing boats which throw their rubbish into the water. We did see a big dead puffer fish on the beach and a weird dryed out eel. The next day we headed out on the boat to the island... its not guaranteed that you´ll see whales because they might not fancy coming out that day but within half an hour we saw two whales sailing along together which was amazing. The captain let us sit on the roof to watch them and for a few minutes we couldn´t see them then bam!! They were right in front of the boat! We saw a few more on the way to the island a bit further away.






When we arrived at the island we were given a route to walk round the island so that the birds weren´t being bothered everyday. We thought it was really good because the last year none of the chicks on the island survived, not just because of tourism but it may have been a part of it. The walk round the island was wicked we saw some ´Blue footed boobys´ which are really funny birds... they have big blue feet and are really clumsy onland and keep tripping over themselves.


We also saw a little green snake too. You can see hammerhead sharks and manta rays (they come to the island to get cleaned by the little fishes) but it has to be a really clear day. After lunch on the boat we donned some goggles and went snorkelling on the reef of the island. It was really fun, the water was warm and there were some really colourful fish.. some of them were quite friendly and didnt mind us swimming right next to them. As i was getting back into the boat something stung me on the foot and arm so there may have even been some baby jelly fish there too!

Apparently the whales are more playful when the sea was rough, and for our return trip the sea was rough so we were hoping to see some getting their groove on. Things werent looking hopeful after not seeing any whales for the first 45 mins, but then we saw two whales doing some mental flips out of the water in the distance. Our captain took us in close for a good look and it was awesome, we got to see them splashing water at each other with their huge fins and then jumping right out of the water. Apparently the female chooses who she wants to mate with based on who can jump the highest or something, which I think is very funny. But yeah, loads whale fishes doing loads of awesome jumps and flips n shit, just like you see in blue planet and that. Check out the photos!




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