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The Amazon

Lagunas and the jungle

all seasons in one day

After a few days heading to Lagunas on a packed out boat with lots of screaming kids, we headed off into the town to find somewhere to stay, where we were quickly accosted by a guy who had a tour company and wanted to take us into the jungle. It was quite late at this point, so we didnt really want to make any rash decisions, but he was a nice chap and was going to let us stay in his house for free and cook us breakfast so we agreed. The next day he took us to some party in town that he had organized, with some more free food and lots of loud music. It was quite fun, although we desperately needed a shower after 3 days on a boat and we were getting bitten to pieces by mosquitoes, so we headed back and checked into a hostel for a comfy night with showers and actual porcelain toilets (apparently it was very nice for Sadie to have a sit-down-wee for the first time in ages).

Jungle explorers!!

Jungle explorers!!

The next morning we were off. After an extremely bumpy mototaxi ride we arrived at the park entrance where we paid the admin fee and got put on a little canoe with our two guides (one per person), and paddled down little rivers into the jungle. It was really cool, the rivers were really thin so it was a good opportunity to see wildlife like monkeys and birds, especially when it started to pour with rain and all the parrots went nuts looking for some shelter.



The first day we saw a ton of sloths, which was amazing cause they move so slow that theyre really hard to see. Our guides had such good eyes for seeing stuff it was insane.


After a day on a boat and a good dose of rain we arrived at a little campamento, which was a little hut on stilts, with some beds in it. We had our dinner there (bread and jam, nice), but quickly had to retire to bed and our mosquito net, as we were quite literally getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

The next day we had a breakfast of freshly speared river fish and bannana chips (amazonian version of the full english), making up for the crap dinner and got on the canoe to paddle our way deeper into the jungle. On the way to our second campsite we saw tons of cool stuff such as a little squirrel type animal that wears its tail as a hat! Stylish. We even saw an anaconda which was awesome, because theyre supposed to be dead rare. It was only a baby but it was really cool coloured, so our guide picked him up and let us have a touch. It shat on me.



There was no rain the second day which meant it was roasting hot, so I managed to get sun stroke and had to have my first South American puke in the bushes, after which I felt a lot better, and we were able to go for a little walk in the jungle. It was really cool walking around, the forest was really cool and had some huge trees. At one point our guide found a tree with supposedly medicinal properties, so promptly hacked a bit of bark off in attempt to cure my stomach. When we got back to camp, our guide boiled up the bark into some rank tasting tea which I drank all of, despite the fact that I was feeling better, and the tea was making me feel shit again. We had some more fish and chips after watching a flock of brightly coloured toucans flying round the camp, until the sun set, when we headed off to do some night fishing.



Spear fishing was not as easy as our guide had made it look, and I was pants. Sadie was pants too, but she managed to throw the spear so hard that it scared the shit out of some poor fish who jumped out of the water only to land in our boat and end up on our breakfast plates anyway. On the way back, we spotted a little baby alligator, which our guide once again managed to catch for a little touch-up. In fact, our lady guide actually started to rub its privates to calm it down. Weird.


The next two days were spent making our way back to Lagunas, and so were like the first two days in reverse. Including the rain. We saw some more cool stuff though like red macaws, capuchin monkeys, marine iguanas and more sloths.


So, had a great time in the jungle, could have done with a lot less mosquitoes (we counted 100 bites on Sadies legs alone), but thats how it is I guess. In fact all of Peru has been great- took us a whole month longer than planned because there was so much to do! Next up, a 4 day journey out of the jungle to Ecuador, via boats, busses, cars and trucks.


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