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We arrived at Tupiza bus terminal at about 4.30 in the morning having had minimal sleep on the bus because most of the journey was bumpy and down hill. We decided not to pay for a night in a hostel so with 3 fellow travellers we set up camp in the bus station and settled down for a couple of hours kip till sunrise. Didn´t sleep much so when we found a hostel it was straight to sleep for us. We got up and had a wander round Tupiza. Its a nice town surrounded by colourful rock formations and it feels a bit Wild Westy. Its actually supposed to be the place where Buch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed, while trying to escape from the po po by hiding out in South America. We walked up to a lookout over the town to watch the sunset and decided that here would be the perfect place to do some horseriding (James was slightly reluctant though, fearing great pain). We booked a full day with the people we´d met at the bus station... sounded like it was gonna be great!

In the morning we were kitted out with cowboy hats, chaps , bandannas and of course a horse. Mine was called Sanchez, James can´t remember the name of his because it was a silly name so he nicknamed it Marjorie. It was a really amazing day, the landscapes were amazing and we had to go across rivers on the horses, was like being in a Wild West film!




The horses were pretty much just following each other to start with, not really listening to us at all, but as the day went on we started getting the hang of it a lot more- and by the end we were getting them to gallop and all sorts. About halfway through, Sanchez was being a bit naughty, so the guide swapped horses with me and my new one (nameless) was much better. There were quite alot of horses out that day and they all like to be infront so there was alot of galloping and pushing infront of each other... was a bit scary at some points. My horse decided it was gonna be infront of everyone and went off the track and did a massive running jump to get infront of the others.. nearly fell off but managed to hold on. James´ horse was awesome (except for some wind problems) and must have really liked James because it was very obedient with him.


We stopped for a break and i realised that all the gallpoing had pretty much ripped my trousers right in half so on the way back i might as well have been riding it naked... not good for the bum!

So all in all had a great day, lots of horses, lots of views, and lots of aching muscles today!


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You look like the "James Gang" making a run from the law on horseback. Not that you are a Jessie or anything!

by alanrowdon

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