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Iguazu Falls


So we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, got off the air conditioned bus and was hit by the heat and humidity! It is very warm here as its surrounded by the jungle. We found our way to the hostel and relaxed for the afternoon, there was a swimming pool at the hostel which was great and they have 5 gorgeous dogs that run around the place all the time. The next day we decided to go and see the falls from the Brazilain side first so after a few buses and a couple of passport stamps we got there and it was awesome. We were so shocked at how huge and amazing the falls are. On the brazilian side you get to look at the falls from a distance and take it all in.


There are butterflys everywhere at the falls!!

No one photo can capture how amazing it is because its so massive. We were walking along the platforms thinking ´surley this is the end´ but then round the next corner there was more water! We found out that its about 275 waterfalls all together. Theres loads of wildlife around there too, they have these things called Coatis which are like racoons with long noses that wander round everywhere trying to steal your food.


There were also these really cool lizards that look like small monitor lizards. On the Brazilian side we also got to go on a platform to the edge of one of the falls which was great and got us really wet which was welcomed in the heat!

The next day we went to the Argentinian side and it was even more amazing that the Brazilian side. You´re really in the falls... it was noisey and wet and you could get really close to a part of the falls call ´The Devils Throat´ which is huge and has so much water flowing down it.


I can`t really explain how exciting it was to be there. Its like the closer you get to the falls the happier and more excited you get. I think its because theres so much noise and water everywhere. Also it feels really cheesy because there are rainbows everywhere! Because of all the humidity everywhere you looks pretty much theres a rainbow or 2.


Its also so green and lush round there it looks like a scene from Jurassic Park! It was awesome. We took a boat along the top of the falls and then at the bottom we took a speed boat which was crazy!! They drive really fast round all the falls and pretty much put you right in them.... its quite scary but fun at the same time and you get absolutley soaked.


At the end of the ride some guy tipped the captin so the he would take us in once more but this time the guy wanted to sit right at the end of the boat while he drive us right in to the falls. it was mental as soon as we hit the falling water the boat went a bit crazy and filled up with water!! It was great! I know i keep saying how amazing it was but seriously everyone should go! I think its probably been our best day so far! We saw wild mokeys there to which was brilliant!! They were really cute!


That night after all the excitment we went for a classic aregentinian meal... a Parilla, lots of meat,salad and chips. And the even throw in the kindeys and intestines too!! (Intestines are actually pretty good) So its goodbye to argentine and off to the unknown.... Paraguay! Argentina has been great! I didnt expect it to be as good as it has been weve had a great time here!!!

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