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The bus to Bariloche was by far the best bus we have taken. It was 22 hours journey with some really comfy big seats. We got some sandwiches and brownies and a drink about an hour in and we though that was probably all we would get as the bus was quite cheap, but no! At about 7 the steward came round with a bottle of whiskey and gave everyone a glass, then at about 9 we were served up a 3 course meal with wine and beer which was actually pretty nice. We also got a glass of champagne after our meal. Then we got breakfast in the morning. It was amazing! The buses in Brazil are much more expensive than the ones here and you don´t get anything!
So after the scenic bus journey, we arrived in Bariloche, a city sat on a lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains.


It was pretty chilly when we arrived which was exciting after having been hot and humid for so long (it had warmed up by lunchtime though). We got a lift to the hostel from one of the owners which was nice, and then headed into town to have a wander. The town is pretty European, almost like youre in Germany or Austria with all the log/stone buildings- a bit touristy, but it all looks nice. After having a look round some markets and stuff we caught a bus up to a place where you can hike to a waterfall. It took us ages to get there, walking along a ridiculously dusty track- but it was cool in the end. The actual waterfall was pretty crowded so we went exploring further up the river, where there werent any paths and found another 3 tiered waterfall that was empty.





It was very cool day.

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Colonia to Carmello to Buenos Aires


So after Montivideo we headed to Colonia and after thinking we may have to spend another night on the beach we found a nice hostel to stay at. We met some irish girls and a guy from Holland who had adopted a dog and had been travelling with him for 6 months... he was really cute so we shared a room with them. Colonia is a really nice town quite chilled out with a nice beach and quay. We went up a light house and saw some museums which was interesting. We also saw some really nice sunsets whilst we were there.



After Colonia we got a bus to Carmello and little town which is a bit off the ´gringo trail´which was nice. We stayed in a hotel here which was one of the cheapest places we´ve stayed and we had a private room with a bathroom and satalite tv, it was amazing. We had a proper holiday day here and spent a day on the beach swimming and reading. We also went to a steak house and had an amazing meal with all sorts of meats, i think there was some intestines in there somewhere. The beach there was so lovely, it was fresh water and nice and clean and so warm!! There wasn´t much to do in the town but it was nice to wander and relax. So then we took the boat from here through the delta to Tigre a suburb of Buenos Aires which was a really great journey, loads of boggy islands to look at on the way.



So we arrived in Buenos Aires and got to our hostel where everyone put in some money and got a load of beer and meat and had a really nice BBQ. We had a day of walking around the town with no real aim, and despite getting a bit lost we saw some interesting old buildings- there are some really strange old antique markets and stuff in San Telmo, the area where we were staying.




Since we are going to take a spanish language course in Buenos Aires on our way back from Patagonia, we decided not to stay too long this time round so we booked a bus to Barioloche.

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Bit of Montevideo

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So after sleeping pretty good in our first bed for a while, we had a couple of days to chill out, and spent them exploring Montevideos old town, which is pretty small, and easy to walk around. We walked around all the markets, the 'Mercado del Puerto'- which is a big building, filled with loads of grillhouses and musicians and stuff, which was nice.


We also saw the crypt of some guy who was obviously pretty important cause his urn was guarded by two of those soldiers who just stand still all day and try to keep a straight face. We also went to the beach, which was alright- except it took us nearly to hours to find a bus going back to the old town where we were staying which was a bit of a bummer. Got there in the end though. Montevideo is quite a nice place to walk around, theres loads of nice streets, plazas and buildings- as well as a seafront all the way the city (where we got addicted to taking photos of sunsets).



It is quite small though, and after two days we felt like we had seen it all, so got a bus to Colonia...

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Homeless in Uruguay!


So after a long days wait in the closed Porto Alegra we made our way to the bus station with our new found travel buddies, Thomas from Germany and Mario from Colombia. We were alot more careful with our belongings so we didn´t loose anything and arrived in Chuy/Chui at around 7 and had some bread and ham for breakfast. There we booked a bus to a town called Punte del Diablo, its meant to be a quite town on the coast which isn´t often visited. It is a lovely town and the beach is lovely but after walking around with our bags for a few hours it became apparent that the town was more visited than we thought as was no accomodation avaliable at all. So, we sat on the beach with our bags for a few hours, had some lunch (bread and ham again!) then booked another bus to another coastal town called La Paloma, surely this place must have some accomodation. Nope. After another few hours searching for a place to stay that wasnt ridiculously overpriced, we decided to sleep on the beach. So we went to buy some dinner, we mixed it up a litttle this time and had bread, ham and crisps! Got ourselves some rum and coke and set up camp on the beach.

Our Hostel

Our Hostel

The Moooooon!

The Moooooon!

The moon was massive and really beautiful. We all slept in our sleeping bags on the outer part of our tent. It did start raining in the middle of the night but we put up out umberella and hoped it would stop.... it did luckily! It wasn´t the most ideal nights sleep but sleeping with the light of the moon and the sound of the sea was really nice. We got up this morning and parted ways with our travelling buddies and hopped on a bus to Montevideo- the busses are so much cheaper in Uruguay than Brazil, its crazy. Anyway the previous day had shocked us into pre-booking a place for tonight, so after unloading our stuff and having a well needed shower, we explored the town a bit and went for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Yes! Now we´re looking forward to our first proper nights sleep in a couple of days!!! Yay!!! A tip for anyone coming to Uruguay... if you go to the coast in January..... Book ahead!!!

La Paloma

La Paloma

Our packs

Our packs

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Back in Rio for New Years

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So we saw Ipanema and that- it was pretty good- except the water was the colour of coke- so a little bit suspicious on the cleanliness front. We also dont have any pictures of a lot of Rio because the area we were in was a bit dodgy (on our first venture outside the hostel we saw a woman actually taking a dump against a wall. Classy). So after getting ridiculously hot on the beach for an hour or so, we went and had a walk around the Ipanema area, which was quite nice. We probably went to one of the street parties that night, cant quite remember- but they were cool- loads of people chilling and dancing on the street, playing bongos and singing and stuff. Pretty cool- you could buy ridiculously strong street drinks as well which were basically a cup full of rum with a bit of lime in for about r$5 (less than 2 pounds), or just bring your own beer for a cheap night out.
Before new years, we also decided to visit the Tijuca rainforest just outside of Rio, but foolishly forgot about the rain element of the word ´rainforest. We got soaked. After a 10 minute trek, we came across a pretty big waterfall which was cool, but at that point we decided we were just about wet enough and turned around to go back. What losers, well have to do it again at the end of our journey.


New years eve itself was also cool- it did not rain at all which was lucky, and we headed to Copacabana where they had set up a huge stage for bands and that. It was cool cause everyone there was singing along to some bands Id never heard of doing Samba covers and stuff. Its cool that Brazil has this sort of national genre, that everyone in the country loves, both young and old. You dont really get that sense of a communal genre in England, so that was nice to watch. So anyway, after a bit of this, I really needed a piss, so headed off to find a toilet. 2 million people is a big crowd to make your way through. It took me nearly 2 hours, and I nearly missed the fireworks. Silly boy. The fireworks were cool, they launched them off 5 floating barges off copacabana beach which was wicked. Considerably more so than trying to get a bus back, which was a nightmare. The bus was basically sat amongst a sea of people, it was boiling hot, and there were loads of really loud locals who clearly hadnt had enough samba at the beach, and so started thumping beats on the roof and shouting the lyrics to songs. It probably would have been alright if we werent so tired!
So after getting safely back to the hostel at 5 in the morning(despite being told by some locals that the bus didnt stop in Lapa, which caused a minor panic) we had a shower, slept for 2 hours, and then got up again to get a 26 hour bus at 9:30 to go to Porto Alegre. The bus journey itself was alright- until Sadie got her Ipod nicked, probably while we were asleep on the bus. What a pisser. Nevermind though, could have been much worse. Just need to be more careful in future.
So now were in Porto Alegre, a town in which nothing is open. Nothing. Everything is shut. So its pretty boring (although some parts look quite nice), and were getting on another nightbus tonight to go to the Chui/Chuy border crossing into Uruguay, along with some guys we met here who decided to come with us. Awesome. Anyway, thats pretty much it- goodbye Brazil!



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